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Hot Fudge

"Get your sexy on.
Go ahead be gone with it.
Get your sexy on.
Go ahead be gone with it.
Get your sexy on."

The pounding music beat throughout the shitty apartment, driving one redheaded gamer insane. His partner in crime hadn't stopped playing it for the past few hours. Matt was starting to think the blonde was trying to irritate him on purpose.

"I'm bringin' sexy back.
You mother fuckers watch how I attack.
If that's your girl you better watch your back.
'Cause she'll burn it up for me and that's a fact."

He muttered something under his breath and attempted to turn his attention back to Modern Warfare.  Of course now that he had given his focus to the music, he couldn't get his mind off it. So not moments later he was dead. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.
That damned music was beyond distracting now. He was losing his game because of it.
Normally Matt wouldn't have the guts or the lack of brains to snap at Mello, but because he was so sick of the song, and because he knew in the end Mello never would actually shoot him, the redhead threw
down his controller and stormed into the other room.

"Mello!" he shouted, practically ripping the door off the old rusty and rotted hinges. "That music is driving me insane! Would it kill you to turn it down?" The redhead wasn't even acknowledged, and Mello either couldn't, or didn't want to hear him.
With a few quick strides Matt crossed the room to where the stereo was and yanked the cord from the wall.

Silence. It sounded as if all the noise was falling like dust to the creaky floorboards below.

Then it was gone.

"What the hell Matt!?" the blonde shouted, uncrossing his legs and lifting them off the table they had been propped up on. "What was that for?" he growled, blue eyes narrowed dangerously.
"You've listened to that crap non-stop for the past three days! I can't take it anymore!" Matt replied, his goggles hiding the expression on his face. Even so, Mello could still read him like a book, and from the looks of it Matt was really pissed.

Mello was more upset than mad, Matt didn't have to be mean about it. So far he wasn't having a good day, and that irritating song happened to be the only highlight of the day so far. First, he had nearly burnt the apartment down. Then he found that most of his chocolate had been soiled by rats. Third, Matt had ignored him whole time, not even offering a word of comfort or going to get him more chocolate like he usually would do.

The blonde stood swiftly and headed out of the spare room, calling over his shoulder , "You could've just asked!" his tone was biting and covered with a layer of hurt. Mello slammed the door shut and then went into the kitchen, hopping up to sit on the counter top.
He grabbed a chocolate bar and bit into it violently, tearing it to pieces within seconds. Why did Matt have to be such a selfish ass? He did nothing but play his games all day, would it kill him to appease Mello once or twice at least?
Some times the blonde would crawl onto the couch and try to snuggle with Matt. The redhead would usually pause his game and curl up with him, but not anymore.

Speaking of Matt…

The redhead walked over to the kitchen, hidden green eyes full of fire. "I did ask!" he protested. "I asked this morning, an hour ago, and just now!" His gloved hands were tightened into fists as he stood seething.
Mello had never known Matt to lose his temper easily. Normally it would take a lot to make the gamer break, video games not included. Still, Mello didn't hear him ask to have the music turned down.
"No you didn't, jackass. You haven't asked at all, not once, Matt." he growled. Matt ran his fingers through his fiery hair in exasperation. "Uh, yeah, I did Mello. You couldn't hear me because you had to have it so damn loud!"

"So you had to cut it off and yell at me?! You couldn't have paused it and simply asked?" Mello was pissed. It wasn't fair, Matt was being a jerk. There were better ways to handle it than that. "Why are you such an immature wimp?"
"What the fuck with the names Mello? How are you calling ME immature?!" Matt countered. "Can't you grow up and get over yourself for once? You're like a goddamned teenage girl!"
Mello's hand whipped over to his hip where his pistol normally was, it wasn't there of course, seeing as he'd left it sitting in the other room. Still, Matt flinched as he saw the movement, knowing full well what the bi-polar blonde's intent was.

"What did you call me?" he hissed. Matt narrowed his eyes and stood his ground, both of them stiff and ready for the other to move. "I dare you to say it again, Matt." he growled, his fingers closing over a small knife behind him.
The redhead stayed silent, both daring Mello to try something and to show he really wasn't afraid of the blonde.
"You are such a bitch, Mello. I bet you wouldn't care if I left you." Matt retorted simply before turning his back on him. "Huh? Always been sick of me taking up the couch and playing games all day. Yeah, you'd love it if I left you."
The redhead grabbed his vest and headed out the door. He paused to look over his shoulder before leaving and slamming the door closed. Mello didn't spare him a glance. If Matt was leaving fine. If he was coming back fine. At the moment, he didn't give much of a damn.
The blonde devoured the last piece of chocolate and then finally glanced at the door. If Matt didn't come back, he wouldn't care.

"Why the hell would I care? Greedy bastard." He growled, hopping off the counter and moving to the cabinet. He wouldn't care. No he wouldn't. Take that Matt.
Mello pulled out a jar of hot fudge, he tossed it in the sad little microwave for a moment before pulling it out and grabbing a spoon. He wouldn't care if Matt left. He wouldn't care if Matt came back. No he wouldn't.
He plopped onto the couch, staring blankly at the TV screen with Matt's game still on it, paused and waiting. No, he wouldn't care. Not at all.

It had been almost an hour and a half, and Mello had gone through three jars of fudge, had two of Matt's shirts under several blankets with him, and dozens of chocolate bar wrappers covering the floor. He actually would care if Matt left him. He would care if Matt came back. Whether the redhead had asked him to turn the music off or not was besides the point. Mello knew it was driving him crazy but he had played it still.
"I'm sorry…" he muttered into the red and black striped shirt that smelled strongly of his gamer.

Meanwhile, in the hallway outside the apartment…

Matt hadn't left the building. He had walked out, paced the hallway, and then sat with his back against the door. He didn't want to leave Mello. Sure he could be a total jerk, and selfish and rude, but it was Mello. He was just that way.
And so far, he hadn't heard the music come back on. In fact, he hadn't heard anything. Maybe Mello was upset…or maybe he was silently celebrating. Then why no music?

So with that in mind, and a sigh, Matt walked back into the apartment.
Mello was laying on the couch, covered in blankets and chocolate bar wrappers, and looking like an absolute mess. "Hey…" he started, adjusting his goggles and finally just pulling them off. "I'm sorry Mels. I didn't actually ask, and I should've."
Matt's green eyes hesitantly met Mello's blue ones and he couldn't help but smile slightly for some reason.
Mello smiled slightly, and then grinned. "Damn right you should have." He replied playfully.

Matt took his vest off and then walked over to the couch, shoving Mello aside and curling up with him. Mello wrapped his arms around Matt and put his forehead against his shoulder. Matt pulled Mello closer and nuzzled the blonde locks. "I missed you." Mello muttered.
"I didn't go anywhere." Matt replied, smiling slightly and looking into Mello's eyes. The redhead pulled him into a gentle kiss and then snuggled closer.
"We're out of hot fudge too." Mello whispered. Matt chuckled, "I'll get some later, promise."
The blonde smiled and kissed Matt's cheek. "Thanks Matty." The gamer simply nodded, "No problem Mels."
Yes, you may hate on this. I was out of practice... and this is really old... -_-

The idea that Mello eats hot fudge when he's upset instead of icecream is the idea of *Sylviaray

:bulletblack: Matt & Mello belong to Tsgumi Obha and Takeshi Obata
:bulletwhite: Story belongs to ~SilentAddiction23
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Crrrrazycupcake Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Okay I am like stalking you, reading all of your stories I'm sorry😂 lol but all of these are amazing!
SilentAddiction23 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Asdfghjkl;' no shhh don't apologize. I enjoy my stalkers! owo~
scarlettrouge13 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012   Writer
Tha was so cute I loved it and I so agree that Mello would eat hot fudge instead of ice cream
SilentAddiction23 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D Thanks!! xD
jinkers Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Student General Artist
that was cute :)
SilentAddiction23 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :heart:
hiddenlotaslee Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Student Artist
Mello is such a girl in this! lol Yeah Mello would probably eat hot fudge instead of icecream
SilentAddiction23 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I know right? It's like...perfect.
hiddenlotaslee Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Student Artist
It is! ^_^ I wish I had some hot fudge right now.
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