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Matt sat on the old rickety sofa, his bare fingers typing bits of things into a computer keyboard. The balcony doors were open letting light flood the room. A warm breeze followed and the gamer paused, glancing outside to the city beyond. He didn't like the outdoors much, but it was a beautiful day.
From behind him came thin pale arms, wrapping around his neck in a gentle embrace. The ivory skin was soft against his exposed neck, and the lips tracing along his jaw were just as nice.

"Good morning." The husky, still-sleepy voice  whispered into his ear. Matt smiled as he turned his head to meet the other mans lips. He tasted like chocolate.
"Good morning." He replied, his hidden eyes meeting the piercing blue ones of his lover.

Golden tresses fell around the fallen-angelic features,  caressing the burn scar like silk on broken velvet. The gamer took a moment to trail his fingers across the ruined skin, knowing how much it bothered the blond. He thought that he looked hideous, that people stopped and stared at him because he was disfigured.
But Matt didn't care.

If anything, it made him look sexier than ever.
The imperfect, marred skin did nothing but make him look fierce and strong. Matt couldn't remember Mello without it either.

Mello laughed lightly, the sound sending ripples along his back. "What?" He asked, a smile touching his soft lips.
Matt smiled, his eyes half closing. "You, are gorgeous." He replied, placing another soft kiss along the scar. Mello ran his fingers through the red hair and smirked, "You only ever say that when you want sex." Raising an eyebrow, he ran his gaze across Matt's hidden expression.
The gamer just smiled, "Mels, you only say that when you want sex."

The blond paused and looked at him for a moment, a blank expression painting his features. Then he chuckled and pulled Matt closer, kissing him passionately. The redhead smirked into the kiss and softly ran his fingers through the golden locks.
The warm breeze blew in, but didn't carry any sounds with it. The warm sun stretched into the creaky apartment, just touching the two lovers who were sharing their morning together.

A few minutes later, Mello was in the kitchen searching through Chinese takeout and a few bottles of vodka for his chocolate.
"Matty…" he called, his lips turning into a frown. "We're out of chocolate." He turned to where the gamer was just starting up his PS3, placing his hand on his hip and biting his lip. The techy looked up, unable to resist the look that the blond had.
Mello knew it too.

The blond had just taken a shower, and hadn't bothered to completely dry off yet. So how he had gotten into those leather pants was beyond Matt.
The water on his bare shoulders glistened against the pale skin. His hair wasn't dripping wet, but it looked sexy. The tight leather pants were low, and the blonds hip bones showed, reminding Matt how low they really were.

The redhead was suppressing a moan at this point.

"Okay Mello…" he croaked, "I'll go get chocolate." The blond smiled, moving to lightly kiss the redhead's cheek before pulling him to his feet. "Thanks Matty."  He smiled and then went towards their bedroom, swinging his hips and teasing Matt still.
"You will be the death of me…" he chuckled, grabbing his vest and PSP. He glanced up towards the bedroom as he tugged his gloves on and shook his head grinning.

Mello came out with a black buttoned up long-sleeve shirt, and had his partly-still-wet hair up in a ponytail. He grabbed his leather jacket and tossed it over his shoulder. Pausing a moment to look at Matt who was shamelessly gawking until he snapped, "This is the third time today Matt, is it going to be a habit?"
Meanwhile, the redhead's only thought was; Damn, only Mello could make casual look that good.

Mello walked past Matt, rolling his eyes and swinging the leather jacket to hit him in the face. "Let's go, I'm getting cranky." He muttered, walking out of the apartment. Matt snorted and muttered, "No shit."
"Matty!!" Mello shouted, impatient as ever.
"Coming Mello dear!" The gamer smirked, and bound out of the room after the bipolar blond.

"Why did I bring you again…?" Matt asked his companion. Mello glared at him for a moment, arms full of chocolate. They had currently been arguing about types of chocolate and the difference between imported regular-ass chocolate and imported fancy-ass chocolate.
"It all tastes different." Mello argued. "And you don't even know what kinds I like." He snorted in contempt and stormed past Matt. The redhead frowned, but followed behind the blond.

"It's like wine," Mello started, standing in line at the counter. "Hm… I should use an analogy that you'll understand." He narrowed his eyes and looked the redhead up and down.
The goggles were hiding those green eyes that could stare into your soul and disarm you of any barriers you could form. His red hair, bright and vivid against his slightly pale features lay over the orange tinted goggles and looked as if it'd just had someone run their fingers through it. It was mussed  up and sexy looking.
He also noticed how Matt's gloved fingers twitched slightly, the starting signs of needing a cigarette.

"It's like cigarettes." Mello continued, dumping his chocolate on the conveyer belt. "Not every brand tastes the same, and the expensive imported ones taste different too, but aren't always better than the cheap ones."
Matt huffed, blowing his bangs up for a moment and crossing his arms. The blond smirked and then turned to the cashier as she started ringing up the epic assortment of chocolate.

"This is a lot of chocolate." She commented, glancing up at the two. It seemed that to her they didn't seem like the kind of people who would buy this much. By the time she finished ringing it up, neither of them had said a word in reply yet, and she was still expecting one.
Mello tapped his foot impatiently, he wanted one of those bars now. Matt watched him, a grin coming onto his face as he thought of everything the blond would snap at the cashier if she took any longer.

"Thirty-three, seventy-five is your total." She said, crisply. Mello pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket (how anything fit in those tight pockets was an anomaly) and picked out a fifty dollar bill, handing it to the woman and then waiting for change. Meanwhile, Matt picked up the bags and waited, getting more agitated as he craved a cigarette.
The cashier looked up at Matt questioningly, again, and as Mello snatched a chocolate bar out of the bag he glanced at her.
"We're kinky." He said abruptly, taking the change from her and walking off, pulling the gamer with him. Matt laughed.

As they left the store, Matt lit up a cigarette much to Mello's dislike. The blond almost knocked the cigarette from between Matt's lips, but as if sensing Mello's thoughts the gamer took the cigarette away and breathed out the toxic smoke.
Mello had to agree he looked sexy, even if it was bad for him.
"C'mon," Matt said, "I don't want to look like all the weird people who sit out here and smoke." Mello raised an eyebrow in question, when did Matt care? But he didn't get to voice his statement as Matt started walking off.

Mello paused, looking from the parking lot to Matt. "You know the car is this way right?" he asked. Matt glanced over his shoulder back at Mello, smirking around his cigarette. "Yeah, I know." The techy continued walking away though.
Mello huffed and caught up to Matt complaining about his chocolate melting. Matt simply reminded him of the fact that they were both wearing jackets, so there was no way the chocolate could get hot enough.

Mello still wasn't pleased.

The two of them crossed the street and wandered into a park, finding a shaded bench off under a tree. Matt sat chain smoking, his arms resting against the back of the bench while Mello laid on his back, using Matt's legs as a pillow.
The blond snapped off  a piece of chocolate, staring up through the leaves of the tree. He pretended that they were stars, and that it was night time. Sadly in LA you couldn't see the stars from all the lights.
He remembered sneaking out onto the roof at Wammy's and watching the stars. That's where Matt and him shared their first kiss. The blond let the chocolate melt on his tongue, wondering how long it had been since then.

"Hey, Mels." Matt muttered around his cigarette, his husky voice calm and smooth as always, "What was your first thought when we met at Wammy's?" he asked. Mello chuckled, "You mean besides; 'I'd tap that'"?
Matt took the cigarette out of his mouth to laugh at that. "You think that about everything that moves." The gamer chuckled. Mello scoffed and elbowed him in the gut, "I do not!" He glared at the goggled eyes for a moment before turning on his side and looking away. "Jackass." He muttered.

The redhead smiled and placed a hand on the blondes shoulder. "Seriously though…what'd you think?" Mello stared off towards the city, thinking. He played with a loose thread on Matt's jeans, trying to form the words so that they didn't sound as terribly mushy as they did. "I thought…that I wanted keep you safe from the world…" he confessed.
Matt smiled, "It was because I was crying wasn't it?" he asked, and Mello nodded, drifting into memories.

Matt had just turned seven while Mello was eight. The redhead had just showed up at Wammy's and already two older boys had picked on him and taken his goggles. He was holding onto his Gameboy tightly in one hand and wiping his eyes with the other.
Mello had just run down the hall to come face-to-face with the new kid. He had been chasing some of the older boys around who were playing keep away amongst themselves, but now his attention was completely on the boy with the bright red hair and the tear-stained face.

"Hey…" he said, walking up to the boy. "Are you okay?"
Matt looked up fearfully, clutching his Gameboy to his chest. Suddenly Matt got mad. He was obviously not 'okay'. "Yeah, I'm fine. Go back to playing your game with the other jerks." He snapped, his green eyes unable to hide his hurt.
Mello frowned and almost hit the redhead. "Hey! I'm trying to be nice for once, give me a break would ya?" he growled. This kid was starting to annoy him.
"Yeah, well you only just started obviously." Matt snorted, wiping his eyes one last time. The corner of Mello's mouth twitched up in a slight smirk.

"Obviously you don't know how to kick a bullies ass." He countered. Matt raised an eyebrow, looking the blond up and down. "And you do?"
Mello grinned and grabbed the redheads arm, dragging him down the hall to where the older kids had disappeared.

"Hey!" He shouted at them. "You guys have something that belongs to my friend here." He snapped, placing a hand on his hip. Matt shuffled his feet, avoiding eye contact at all costs. He had a friend? Who would want to be friends with him?
"Oh, you mean these things?" one of the kids laughed, tossing them to the floor between both parties. "Take 'em we don't care." Mello glared at them for a moment, know exactly what they planned.
The blond took a step forward, and just like that they were on him, but he was expecting it.

Mello twisted just out of reach and dashed to grab the goggles. The bullies stood up and backed him up to the wall, he had planned on running around them while they were still down, but he wasn't fast enough. Obviously.
Matt ran up to one of the bullies and kicked them, ducking underneath a punch before grabbing Mello's arm and pulling him out of there.
They ducked into a closet and hid quietly for a moment until they were sure that they were safe.

"Oh, here." Mello said, handing Matt his goggles as they stepped out of the closet. The redhead gladly took them and put them on, happy to have them back. "Thank you." He said, smiling finally. "I'm Matt."
The blond smiled too, his blue eyes shining. "Mello."

"Yeah," Mello chuckled, "That was half of it." Matt smiled and lit another cigarette and muttered, "I thought you looked like a girl." The blond jerked his head back and hit Matt in the stomach. The gamer just laughed and then went silent for a moment.
The cars off a little ways made no sound from where they were, and there wasn't much other sound besides the surrounding city. Mello snapped off another piece of chocolate and let it melt on his tongue, enjoying the smell of Matt that surrounded him.

He closed his eyes for a moment, relishing in the sound of Matt's breathing above him. It was quiet sudden, and almost startled Mello after the almost-silence he was hearing, but Matt spoke up.
"You were the one ray of sunlight on my rainy day." He said simply, his gaze out far beyond the city structures.
Mello chuckled, and turned to lay on his back again. He took Matt's cigarette and put it between his own lips for a moment, after taking a long drag he exhaled and then put out the stub. He didn't smoke, but it couldn't hurt every now and then, plus the look on Matt's face was always worth it.

He sat up and then moved so that he was sitting in the gamers lap, leaning to capture the toxic-flavored lips. The techy ran his fingers through the golden locks, enjoying the chocolate taste on his tongue and wishing that he could just breathe in Mello.

The two spent the rest of the afternoon just laying on the bench, Mello laying on top of Matt while the gamer wrapped his arms around the lithe figure and held him close to his chest.
Afterwards, they headed back in search of Matt's beloved car and drive back to their apartment.

Mello had only just put away all of the chocolate that they had bought when Matt came up to him, wrapping his arms around his waist. The gamer nipped at his neck and ear, trailing his fingers up to Mello's shoulders and spinning him around. He lightly kissed Mello's lips and then took the blonds hand, running his lips across the pale knuckles.
Mello was about to open his mouth to say something, but Matt put his finger of his lips, silencing the blond.

"C'mere." Matt said, pulling Mello into the other room.
Sitting on the coffee table was a little box with chocolates in it, expensive chocolates. The kind that you had to go to a specialty store for. Among that was a little bracelet that caught Mello's attention.
It was a thin silver band with the words "Forever and Always" engraved in it.
His jaw dropped in disbelief as he picked it up and ran his thumb across the letters. He had lost it in the same explosion that he had gotten his scar from.
Blue eyes dumbly turned up to the redhead in question.

"I found it… it took awhile, but I found it finally." He said, smiling slightly. Mello looked at it more closely, and sure enough, scratches and a scorch mark covered part of the trinket. He smiled up at Matt, who had originally given it to him when he left Wammy's. "Matty," He smiled and then hugged the redhead, kissing him. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet." The gamer chuckled and led Mello out to the fire escape and up onto the roof.

Once they were on the roof Mello frowned, not understanding. They couldn't see the stars, so what was the point?
"Close your eyes." The husky voice whispered. Mello did so without question and Matt placed his hands on the blonds shoulders. He steered Mello to the other side of the building, to where there were no other buildings in the way.
"Open your eyes, and look at the stars." He said, wrapping his arms around the blonds waist and resting his chin on the thin shoulder.
Mello looked out over the city, all of the lights dancing and sparkling before him. They weren't actual stars, but it was still beautiful. "Look," Matt said, pointing out towards the street. "I think that was a shooting star."
Mello chuckled and turned around in Matt's arms, placing his hands on the gamers shoulders. He gently pushed the orange-tinted goggles up and looked into the shimmering green eyes.

Mello felt like he was back at Wammy's again. He felt as if his feet weren't on the ground, that his stomach was flighty and all of his senses were on high. He felt thirteen again, with nothing to worry about but studying and this moment he had with Matt.
There was no mafia, no problems or issues. He was completely free.
Mello placed his lips against Matt's, the warm flavor of cinnamon and cigarettes dancing on his tongue.

The redhead was nervous for once in a long time. He always was when he didn't have his goggles protecting him, but as the crystal blue eyes shimmered with city lights, he couldn't let go. He didn't want it to end at all. The feeling of Mello around him, and the fact that the blonde was his forever was enough to make him happy.
It couldn't have been better, until those ivory lips were against his.

Just like at Wammy's all those years ago, on the same day of the same month as last time. Of  course Matt had remembered, even though Mello had been busy with mafia work, Matt made time to do something for them.

Mello looked into his lovers eyes, they shone like stars, even without the city lights. "I love you." He whispered. Matt pulled Mello closer, nuzzling the blonds neck. "I love you too."
I know....this is a one-shot...not a new chapter. I will get to it I swear! I just have to get my touch back. I'm like asdfghjlofid5rsyfxhfg;o8guj There. Story. Enjoy.

Inspired by :iconspoiled-lotus:> [link]
And Snow Patrol - Crack The Shutters

:bulletblack: Matt & Mello belong to Tsgumi Obha and Takeshi Obata
:bulletwhite: Story belongs to ~SilentAddiction23
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