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When Mello had calmed down Matt picked him up and placed him on the couch. Getting an armful of chocolate and candy he tossed it on the table and then put in a horror movie. "You need something Mels." The gamer had said. Mello smiled. To boys, horror movies and candy was the equivalent of ice cream and chick flicks for girls.
The movie was pretty scary, and Matt and Mello had both ended up underneath the pillows, holding onto each other for dear life. Both of them wanted it to be over with, but they had to see what happened next. Eventually the movie did end, now moving to turn on the lights was another thing entirely.
Matt had volunteered to do it, but when Mello agreed he wasn't happy. Mello was supposed to say no…then again it was Mello after all. Surprisingly as Matt hurried to turn all the lights on, he didn't get eaten by a monster. The chocolate had been mostly eaten, and Matt had devoured the candy like it was going to keep him from wetting himself.
Which in that case it had worked. Mello didn't want to ask really.
"It's not that scary." Mello was saying, heading to bed. Matt raised an eyebrow, remembering how Mello had been cowering with him. "Whatever you say." The two crawled between the sheets, curling up into the warmth.
Not a moment later Mello had moved under the sheets and into Matt's protective arms. "Okay, maybe a little bit." He admitted. Matt nodded, joining him underneath the protective blanket. "I'll agree with you on that."

Morning came quickly, and night had left them without bad dreams.

It was cereal and chocolate for breakfast. Yummy. Then Matt had gotten to his tech and tried to find a way to see if Kira had been caught. It wasn't surprising that Near had even sent a message about it. "Show off." Mello muttered, glancing at the screen. "You are supposed to be doing something aren't you?" He asked.
Mello shook his head, "Unless you count chocolate as something then no." Matt frowned. If Mello was older right now the gamer would have used that as an invitation. It seemed wrong though now that he was younger. Actually, it seemed that Mello was almost a year older now. He looked older than before…much older than when he first found him.
"Mello, are you taller?" He asked, looking the young boy up and down. Mello looked himself over, then noticed his clothes were a little smaller. "Hmmm…you may be onto something." Matt bit his lip and nodded. "I think we should tell Near."
Naturally Mello's eyes narrowed and he got that scary look of his. "Look, if anyone is going to know something then it would be Near. Besides, I need another opinion to prove that I'm not actually seeing things." Matt told him sternly, watching as Mello's gaze lessened some. "Fine, but only if you get me something…" Mello glanced at Matt, and the gamer chuckled, knowing what the boy wanted.
"No problem Mels." Matt replied, remembering what he had been looking at through the whole trip to the store.

The process of contacting Near was simple. The moment he mentioned Mello was something odd.

"It seems that neither of us could live up to being L, but together, I think we surpassed him. Without Mello I wouldn't have caught Kira." The albino said, not knowing that Mello was standing only inches away and refusing, if able, to speak. Matt decided that no matter how he tried now, he wouldn't be able to properly explain the situation. Plus if he showed up with Mello only tagging along, then he would be able to find out if he was crazy or not without anyone thinking that he was.
"I have a few things I need Near, so I'll be dropping by." Matt said simply. "Alright, see you then." Then the connection was cut. "Get your coat Mels, it's going to be a long walk."

The odd thing, was that Mello only complained half of the way there. The other half he was silent. Matt hoped that he wasn't plotting anything…

When they arrived Matt looked down at Mello, crouching to be at his height. "Behave." He ordered. Mello scoffed and chuckled, taking a bite of chocolate. "What do you expect a seven-year-old to do?" He asked. Matt just looked at him, "A seven-year-old you. Mello, it doesn't matter your age, I'd tell you that if you were twenty five." The blonde didn't reply and just followed behind Matt.
After traversing a huge maze of hallways, they came to where Near was playing with his toys in the middle of the floor. Mello resisted the urge to play with some of them. He didn't like Near, but at this age he did like toys. "Near."
"Matt." The two said simply. "What do I owe the pleasure?" Near asked, building up his skyscraper of Lego's. "The car was totaled, you wouldn't happen to have anymore cash would you?" Near didn't look at him, but continued playing. "You came all the way here just for that? Wouldn't it have been simpler to just ask when we were talking earlier?" The dark eyes met the gamers briefly, waiting for a reply.
"No. That's not even the reason I came here." Mello hesitantly strut out of the shadows of the walls and beside Matt, taking a bite of chocolate. He couldn't help the grin on his face as Near's eyes widened.
"Near." The albino blinked, turning all the way to see this new figure. It looked like Mello, ate chocolate like Mello, but it wasn't possible that it was Mello. Mello was dead.
"Mello?" Near asked. The boy lifted his head up, his hood falling off to reveal scarred features and a glint in his eyes. "How is this possible?" Near asked, looking up to Matt. The gamer was so relieved that he wasn't crazy. Mostly though, he was glad that Mello really was alive. "We were hoping that you would know."
Near played with his hair before moving to grab something out of a drawer. "This wasn't shown to anyone but the SPK members. They were in no way allowed to mention it to anyone." He said, pulling out a white notebook with black letters scrawled across it. "Life Note." He said, handing it to Matt.
The gamer flipped through the pages, wondering if it was real or if Near was testing him. Then a bunch of letters showed up, written in pen. Out of them all, only one stood out to him; Mihael Keehl.
"It's the opposite…?" He muttered. Near nodded, playing with some of his toys. "Yes, it was found just after we destroyed the Death Notes. We don't know where it came from." Matt closed the book and glanced at Mello and then Near.
Mello looked from the notebook to Near and got it. "You know that it works now, what are you planning on doing with it?" Near shrugged, "Nothing." Mello didn't have reason to argue. It was just another toy for the gods, nothing more, nothing less. All it did was get everything screwed up.
Matt handed it back to Near and then watched the albino flip through pages. "This rule is interesting. All humans brought to life will age one year a day until back to the age they died as." He said. "Another is this one;  The human will age up to the age they died at, plus the remaining time they have been dead."

"Maybe we should've kept it…you know to see the rules." Mello was saying. "You'll be fine, I doubt there's anything detrimental in there. It is a 'Life Note' after all." Matt reassured him. Oh how wrong he would be.

"What makes you think that Near would write your name?" Matt asked once they were back in their shitty hideout. Mello plopped onto the couch beside him, and just looked at Matt. "There wouldn't be much of a point. He wouldn't gain anything except proof that it worked." Mello said simply. "Then again, if he had tried anyone else, then it would have been noticed. Technically I don't really exist." He added.
Matt nodded. "Yeah, true." He muttered around a cigarette as he lit it. Mello frowned at him, he hated that Matt smoked. Matt had always compared smoking to eating tons of chocolate, but it was different. Smoking killed. Chocolate only made you gain weight if you ate a lot and never moved.
"Matt, you need to quit." He told him sternly. The redhead just tousled his hair and then turned on the PS3. "Yeah, whatever Mels." The blonde wasn't pleased and after putting his hair back in place he glared up at Matt. "I'm serious, you won't live to be forty at this point!" Mello didn't just worry about Matt, he knew what it was like to die before you were supposed to. If he could he was going to keep Matt alive as long as possible.
The gamer looked down at Mello as the boy avoided his eyes. Matt knew he was right. He wasn't going to admit that though. Not out loud anyway. "I don't smoke that much." He retorted. Mello's blue eyes were on fire. "Bullshit, Matt!! It's so bad you hardly notice anymore!" The chocoholic jumped off the couch and stormed into the bedroom.
"It's not that I can't help him it's that he doesn't want it!" he muttered to himself, flopping onto the bed and yelling into the pillows. It had been a long battle about his smoking, but Mello never gave in. Still, Matt wouldn't give up either.

Matt paused his game and headed into the bedroom, sitting beside Mello. He was careful not to touch him or bother him in anyway. "Mello, first off, I'm not going to quit." He stated. "Secondly, you won't either." He added.
Matt placed a hand on Mello's back, feeling him tense up at the contact. "Now get up, I'm hungry and we forgot to buy food at the store-" Mello had agreed with Matt, he could never get over Matt not smoking. He'd miss the taste too much.
He had shot up and knocked the redhead  back, quickly placing a kiss to his lips before leaving the room, grabbing his jacket, and walking towards the door. "C'mon Jeevas!" He called to the unresponsive Matt. He hadn't actually been expecting that. Then again…it was Mello. "Right." He said, getting up and following the blonde boy out the door.
The gamer grinned as he watched Mello, he was getting older by the day right? So in approximately five days he'd have to go through puberty again. That was going to be the funniest thing in hell to see again. "What are you smirking at?" Mello questioned, glancing back at Matt. The gamer shrugged, "Nothing."


Matt watched Mello's face in amusement  as the man asked if Mello wanted a kids menu. "We're leaving." The chocoholic stated, grabbing Matt's sleeve and walking out. He had refused to go back in after that. Sitting on a bench and refusing to move. "And where are we going to eat then?" Mello raised an eyebrow. "Not there."
Matt rolled his eyes, "Not there, right…" He muttered, running a hand through his hair as he exhaled. "Where then?" Mello shrugged, not actually wanting to go out anywhere. He hadn't to begin with, but he didn't want to stay in that apartment. He just couldn't shake the feeling he had.
He sat with his arms crossed and his head down, staring at his shoes. He wanted to be alone, but he didn't want to feel lonely. "Mello?" Matt asked, moving closer to him. The blonde scooted away, pulling his knees up to his chin. Matt shoved his hands in his pockets and watched from a distance.
Mello took deep breaths trying to relax. He'd been killed and brought back to life by these tools of the gods like some toy of theirs. It would only be natural to be slightly shaken by the fact, but to actually live it, and die it, that was a whole other thing. It was like a game. A sick twisted game.
He was a little piece on a board, being pushed from space to space. Losing turns, falling into pits, and being resurrected. Just an everyday occurrence for the gods of fate, playing a game of life with silly little humans.
Matt was content to let Mello decide when to go, and to leave him be until then. Once the small figure started shaking though, he moved to sit beside him. "Mello, you okay?" He asked gently. The blonde closed his eyes and shook his head, resting it on his knees. He bit his lip and wished it all away. He'd rather be dead than this.
Matt stayed silent, not moving to do anything but pull something from his pocket. He draped it over Mello's arm and accidently startled him. Matt said nothing still, just watching him. Mello glanced at Matt before taking the simple object that had been Mello's for as long as he could remember. He held the cross in his hand and made a small prayer.
The redhead put his arms around Mello and just held him, keeping him safe no matter what. "Would you like to get something later?" He asked. Mello just nodded and Matt picked him up, carrying him back to the apartment. Mello clung to the gamers vest, shaking only slightly now.

An hour or so later…

When they had found something to eat and Mello had calmed down, Matt decided that he needed a bath. "What? I'm clean!" He protested. Matt cocked his head to the side, "Shower, now. You smell like…" Matt leaned down and took a whiff, "…a Mexican restaurant. Shower now Keehl." The older boy ordered. Mello huffed and walked into  the bathroom.
The door locked, but the water didn't turn on. "Mello…" the gamer growled for outside. "Oh c'mon! I do not need a shower!" He protested. "Am I going to have to make you?"
Mello was silent but Matt could just see the grin slide across his features. "You'll have to unlock the door before you can make me." Two seconds later Matt hand Mello by the hood of his jacket. "How did you do that?!" Matt waved something in front of his face before snatching it away and into his pocket. "Spare key."
Mello slipped out of the jacket and headed for the door, but Matt dove and grabbed him by the pants. Which Mello slipped out of to get away. "You're only making this easier!" Matt called, getting up and running after the smaller boy. Mello yelped and ducked into the kitchen, hiding from Matt behind the counter. "Come out come out wherever you are…." Matt called quietly, trying to sound scary.
It worked too, Mello felt his adrenaline kick in and he glanced over his shoulder to look for Matt. He didn't see the gamer and sighed. "Boo." Came a voice from his right, he'd forgotten about that side… Mello yelped again and raced out of the kitchen, climbing over the couch and ducking into the pillows. "Don't eat me!" He cried out. Matt stalked up to the couch and dug through the pillows. Mello wasn't there.
Something pulled on Matt's pocket and he turned to see Mello running off with the spare key. "No you don't!" He shouted, running and leaping for Mello. He grabbed the blonde and rolled onto his back, laughing. Mello was giggling, still trying to get away with the key. "Nope, you're all mine." He chuckled, picking him up and heading into the bathroom.
"No Matt, no!!!" Mello cried out.
This is thrown together, hope you like.

Also, there is a slight boy love scene, so ignore it if you don't like it. It's just a peck on the lips really, no long disertations either.

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Matt&Mello Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
Art Emmalyn Stephenson
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